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Benefits of Banquette Seating

— 29 November 2018

Banquette seating, also known as fixed seating, is one of the most extensive options for commercial furniture. With a wide range of options and vast number of benefits it remains one of the most popular forms of seating. Across the hospitality industry customers often prioritise banquette seating over standalone tables and chairs. Understanding the reasons behind this is an important aspect of furnishing your venue.





Our steel frame seating with sprung back and sprung seat provide long lasting comfort to customers with the added advantage of more space. We create bespoke banquette seating with unique designs to ensure that individual requirements are met. Our banquette seating can be deep buttoned, flutted, diamond stitched or customed designed and upholstered in a vast range of high quality materials.





Banquette seating provides customers with more privacy than standalone tables and chairs, again making it a popular option. Increasing the height of your fixed seating helps to isolate surrounding noise and creates a more intimate environment for customers to enjoy.




Possibly the most appealing aspect of banquette seating is the effective use of space. Banquette seating can be used strategically to maximise space in areas such as corners or where windows and alcoves are present. 




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