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Leather Upholstery - Maintenance and Care

— 16 October 2018

Correctly maintaining and caring for your furniture should add years to its life. We look at some of the best ways to care for your leather upholstered products.

Leather is vulnerable to staining and therefore finished leather is usually coated with a colouring pigment along with a clear protective layer. The resilient nature of leather along with these protective layers means finished leather is a popular choice for contract furnishings. Leather upholstery is likely to have natural scars and over time is susceptible to stretching and bagging.

Leather maintenance
Leather contains oils that need to be replenished to help prevent it from drying out and cracking. We recommend applying a leather conditioner such as Furniture Clinic – Leather Conditioner Cream every six months or sooner if the leather feels dry. Extended exposure to sunlight and other heat sources can cause the leather to dry particularly quickly, minimising contact can help prolong its life.

Leather cleaning
Use a soft cloth to brush off any dirt or dust that might have settled on the surface of your furniture.
Use a water-dampened cloth to wipe the upholstery, taking care not to wear the surface – do not rub too hard.
Avoid using all-purpose wipes and sprays as they contain chemicals that may damage the leather. A common occurrence in the hospitality industry is over-spray from table cleaning products landing on surrounding furniture and damaging the leather.
Try using a specialist cleaning product such as Furniture Clinic – Leather Ultra Clean to treat and cleanse your upholstery.
Leave furniture to dry naturally and avoid sitting on until dry.
Buffing regularly with a microfiber cloth can help preserve a natural shine and is also a great way of reducing the appearance of scratches and scruffs.

Deep cleaning
Although leather is more durable than other upholstery materials it is still vulnerable to staining. Using a protective treatment such as the leather conditioner cream mentioned earlier can help slow staining. For severe spillages an alcohol-based cleaner such as ‘Formula 409’ can be used, but first test the product on a hidden area.

At BPR Contract Furniture, we are committed to quality and finish and use only the very best materials and fabrics in the production of our furniture. You can contact us if you have any questions about the maintenance of your furniture and our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.