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New Year, New Furniture?

— 14 January 2019

The New Year is a great excuse to revamp your interior design. This blog post examines the upcoming trends for 2019 which will keep your hospitality venue looking stylish throughout the year.

Biophilic Design
This long-standing concept that designs should embrace the natural world to bring natural stimuli into man made spaces was popular in 2018 and will continue in 2019. A ‘living wall’ is a great way to incorporate this trend and can be a strong statement piece. Alongside introducing plants and nature, choosing natural materials, patterns and artwork can also help bring biophilia to any space.



Over the past few years, grey tones have dominated the leading colour palettes but 2019 is set to see a rise in sandy, nude and fleshy tones. ‘Spiced Honey’ has been revealed as Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019, marking the return of warm, inviting amber tones.




Look to the Walls
Bold patterned wallpaper has been adding instant colour and impact to a space for some time now. Recently we have seen a twist to this trend as upholstery has come on the scene and is set to be big in 2019. Upholstered wall paneling adds interesting textures and makes a statement in any space. It is also a practical way for booth seating to not only look cosy but also provide much-needed sound absorption.





Velvet is the ‘it’ fabric of the moment. With so many colours and applications, there are few places this alluring textile isn’t right for. Velvet headboards adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom, while velvet sofas ooze comfort and style in any space.


Mixed Metals
Metals have been a huge part of the industrial aesthetic for some time. 2019 will see a combination of steel, copper and brass creating striking finishes for several features such as bar stalls, table legs and seating legs. Incorporating these elements into your space will help create a timeless look.