The Craftsmanship Behind Luxury Furniture - Part 3: Cutting and Sewing Department  preview image

The Craftsmanship Behind Luxury Furniture - Part 3: Cutting and Sewing Department

— 13 March 2019

BPR Contract Furniture have created a reputation based on quality craftsmanship. Our design and production processes bring together highly skilled disciplines in joinery, metal work, spray-painting, upholstery and stitching to create stylish, quality and durable furniture. We want to share our industry knowledge and provide an insight to the hard work and craftsmanship behind the luxury furniture.

Part 3: Cutting and Sewing Department 

At BPR Contract Furniture we are committed to quality and finish and continue to use only the very best materials and fabrics in the production of our furniture. Fabrics are taken from the designer’s specification and ordered from a range of suppliers across the world. We ensure that they have the correct levels of fire retardancy and are suitable for the specific contract use. Upon delivery the fabrics are quality checked before the cutting process begins.

With over 110 combined years’ experience throughout the department, our team has mastered the techniques of their craft. The cutter will create a rough set of templates using remains of fabrics for the stitcher to trial before proceeding to cut the specified fabric to size.


The stitcher uses a combination of both long and short arm industrial sewing machines to apply a range of techniques including double diamond stitch, single top stitch, pull stitch and fluted detailing.


The finished pieces undergo a quality control check before being passed on to the upholstery department.