The Cloth Ear

Name: The Cloth Ear
Designer: O'Donnell O'Neill Design Associates 
Location: Belfast

Attached to the five-star Merchant Hotel, the Cloth Ear combines a rich seam of wonderful Victorian heritage with a thoroughly modern experience. Quality has always been at the heart of this traditional bar having won the prestigious World’s Best Hotel Bar in 2009.

Recently the venue has underwent an extensive facelift and BPR Contract Furniture were proud to supply a host of bespoke furniture. Along the bar front you will find a number of beautifully hand-crafted bar stools. Upholstered in ‘Rust’ from Yarwood Leather’s Mustang range, these bespoke stools feature straight fluted detail and gold studding on the outside back. With high density seat foam and a 20mm super soft topper, these unique stools are sumptuously comfortable as well as aesthetically striking.

BPR also supplied a selection of bespoke tables and benches. The tables have rich mahogany column centres and eye-catching brass edging. Placed on each table you will find a ‘phone gaol’, a tactic employed by The Cloth Ear to encourage customers to forget about their phone and enjoy the gentle art of conversation.

The benches are also upholstered in Yarwood Leather and feature straight fluted detailing in a variety of sizes. The bench arms have a beautiful handcrafted curve and have been sprayed to compliment the warm tone of the leather upholstery.

Scattered around the bar you will find a selection of stools and armchairs. The stools, upholstered in Yarwood Leather’s Mustang ‘Black’, are deep buttoned with gold studded detail and brass footrests. The comfortable armchairs are upholstered in a combination of Osborne and Little and Vescom fabrics and are further enriched by their sturdy construction featuring beautiful woodwork.

Close attention to detail ensured successful completion of the project, with the finished look a smart juxtaposition of leather benches and stools and soft luxurious chairs.